The Open Neuropsychopharmacology Journal


ISSN: 1876-5238 ― Volume 5, 2014

Caffeinated Drinks, Alcohol Consumption, and Hangover Severity

The Open Neuropsychopharmacology Journal, 2011, 4: 36-39

Renske Penning, Lydia de Haan, Joris C. Verster

Utrecht Institute for Pharmaceutical Sciences, Division of Pharmacology, Utrecht University, Universiteitsweg 99, 3584 CG, Utrecht, The Netherlands.

Electronic publication date /11/2011
[DOI: 10.2174/1876523801104010036]


This study examined the relationship between consumption of caffeinated beverages and alcohol, and effects on next day hangover severity. In 2010, a survey funded by Utrecht University was conducted among N=549 Dutch students. Beverages consumed on their latest drinking session that produced a hangover were recorded. Hangover severity was scored using the Acute Hangover Scale. No significant correlation between caffeine use and hangover severity was found. Subjects who mixed alcohol with colas consumed significantly more alcohol than those who drank alcohol alone (p=0.001), or mixed alcohol with energy drinks (p=0.001). Future studies with larger sample sizes should confirm these findings.

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