The Open Clinical Trials Journal

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"A peer reviewed Open Access journal"
ISSN: 1876-8210 ― Volume 5, 2014
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Thomas Müller
Department of Neurology, St. Joseph-Krankenhaus Berlin-Weißensee, Gartenstraße 1

Associate Editor(s):
D.I Sessler
Department of Outcomes Research, The Cleveland Clinic

Editorial Board Members:
R.A. Abrams (USA)
I.C. Chikanza (UK)
P. Efthimiou (USA)
R. Fass (USA)
G. Gabutti (Italy)
A. Goette (Germany)
S.-H. Han (USA)
B. Kaplan (USA)
G. Knoll (Canada)
R. Manfredi (Italy)
G.D. Morse (USA)
C.-U. Pae (S. Korea)
D.B. Resnik (USA)
D.D. Sin (Canada)
G.S. Stergiou (Greece)
P. Tatti (Italy)
M. Winkler (Germany)
G. Barbarini (Italy)
W.F. Clark (Canada)
R. Emsle (S. Africa)
F.J. Flores-Murrieta (Mexico)
J.J. Gagliardino (Argentina)
T.C. Hain (USA)
G.J. Hankey (Australia)
T.J. Kaptchuk (USA)
P. Kranke (Germany)
R. Manfredini (Italy)
T. Nieminen (Finland)
G. Paragh (Hungary)
S.H. Roth (USA)
E.L.H. Spierings (USA)
J. Sun (USA)
G.M. Walsh (UK)
M.B.H. Youdim (Hong Kong)
S. Chaki (Japan)
T. Decsi (Hungary)
S. Esposito (Italy)
L. French (USA)
S. Gentile (Italy)
U. Halbreich (USA)
T. Imaizumi (Japan)
P.A. Keown (Canada)
M. Maes (Belgium)
F.M. Marincola (USA)
O.G. Ogedegbe (USA)
J.-J. Parienti (France)
N. Schlesinger (USA)
T. Steinert (Germany)
W.C. Tan (Canada)
B. Weinstock-Guttman (USA)