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Published Contents of Volume 1, 2007
General Articles
The Timecourse of Activation Within the Cortical Network Associated with Visual Imagery, 2007,1: 1-9
Sharlene D Newman, Donghoon Lee, L Christopher Bates

[Electronic publication date: 20/ 9/ 2007 ] [Collection year: 2007 ]
[Publisher Id: TONIJ-1-1] [DOI: 10.2174/1874440000701010001] [PMID: 19018309] [PMCID: PMC2577936]

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Long-Term Monitoring of Post-Stroke Plasticity After Transient Cerebral Ischemia in Mice Using In Vivo and Ex Vivo Diffusion Tensor MRI, 2007,1: 10-17
C Granziera, H D’Arceuil, L Zai, P.J Magistretti, A.G Sorensen, A.J de Crespigny

[Electronic publication date: 13/ 11/ 2007 ] [Collection year: 2007 ]
[Publisher Id: TONIJ-1-10] [DOI: 10.2174/1874440000701010010] [PMID: 19018310] [PMCID: PMC2577937]

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