The Open Atmospheric Science Journal

ISSN: 1874-2823 ― Volume 10, 2016
Spatial-temporal variability of seasonal precipitation in Iran
The Open Atmospheric Science Journal, 2016, 10
Majid Javari

[Electronic publication date: 20/08/2016] [Collection year: 2016]
[Publisher Item Identifier (PII): BSP-TOASCJ-2016-12]

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Cacao as a globalised functional food..
The Open Agriculture Journal, 2016, 10
Clara Minto, Marco Valussi

[Electronic publication date: 23/07/2016] [Collection year: 2016]
[Publisher Item Identifier (PII): BSP-TOASJ-2016-HT1-15]

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Seasonal and Annual Trends of AustralianMinimum/Maximum Daily Temperatures.
The Open Atmospheric Science Journal, 2016, 10
A. Mouraviev, W. A. Wijngaarden

[Electronic publication date: 05/09/2016] [Collection year: 2016]
[Publisher Item Identifier (PII): BSP-TOASCJ-2016-15]

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