Open Environmental Sciences

ISSN: 1876-3251 ― Volume 8, 2014
Effects of Glyphosate and Polyoxyethylene Amine on Metabolic Rate and Energy Reserves of Procambarus clarkii Juveniles
Open Environmental Sciences, 2014, 8: 49-53
J.L. Frontera, Nicole Gilette, Breanna Hull, Jacquie Korang, Carolina Amorim, I. Vatnick, E.M. Rodríguez

Electronic publication date 30 12 2014
[DOI: 10.2174/1876325101408010049]

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Methylmercury and Trace Element Distribution in the Organs of Stenella coeruleoalba Dolphins Stranded on the French Mediterranean Coast
Open Environmental Sciences, 2014, 8: 35-48
Emmanuel Wafo, Véronique Risoul, Thérèse Schembri, Véronique Lagadec, Frank Dhermain, Chacha Mama, Pierre Boissery, Henri Portugal

Electronic publication date 26 11 2014
[DOI: 10.2174/1876325101408010035]

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Design of an Earth Air Heat Exchanger (EAHE) for Climatic Condition of Chennai, India
Open Environmental Sciences, 2014, 8: 24-34
G.N. Tiwari, Vikram Singh, Poonam Joshi, Shyam , Arjun Deo, Prabhakant , Agam Gupta

Electronic publication date 30 9 2014
[DOI: 10.2174/1876325101408010024]

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