The Open Nutrition Journal

ISSN: 1874-2882 ― Volume 9, 2015
Fight for Your Right to Fruit: Development of a Manga Comic Promoting Fruit Consumption in Youth
The Open Nutrition Journal, 2015, 9: 82-90
May May Leung, Melanie C Green, Jianwen Cai, Ann Gaba, Deborah Tate, Alice Ammerman

Electronic publication date 27/2/2015
[DOI: 10.2174/1876396001509010082]

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Is There Pandemic Vitamin D Deficiency in the Black Population? A Review of Evidence
The Open Nutrition Journal, 2015, 9: 5-11
Ria S. Roberts, Fafa Huberta Koudoro, Mark S. Elliott, Zhiyong Han

Electronic publication date 30/1/2015
[DOI: 10.2174/1876396001509010005]

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Nutrition and Other Protective Behaviors Motivated by Environmental Health Risk Awareness.
The Open Nutrition Journal, 2016, 9
Lisa Gaetke, John Dixon, Elizabeth Willett, Limin Feng, Jane Dixon

[Electronic publication date: 24/08/2016] [Collection year: 2016]
[Publisher Item Identifier (PII): BSP-TONUTRJ-2016-3]

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