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ISSN: 1874-8341 ― Volume 12, 2019

Wave Loads Computation for Offshore Floating Hose Based on Partially Immersed Cylinder Model of Improved Morison Formula

The Open Petroleum Engineering Journal , 2015, 8: 130-137

Shi-fu Zhang, Chang Chen, Qi-xin Zhang, Dong-mei Zhang, Fan Zhang

Electronic publication date 26/3/2015
[DOI: 10.2174/1874834101508010130]


Aimed at wave load computation of floating hose, the paper analyzes the morphologic and mechanical characteristics of offshore hose by establishing the partially immersed cylender model, and points out that the results of existing Morison equation to calculate the wave loads of floating hose is not precise enough. Consequently, the improved Morison equation has been put forward based on its principle. Classical series offshore pipeline has been taken as example which applied in the water area of different depth. The wave loads of pipeline by using the improved Morison equation and compared the calculation results with the existing Morison equation. Calculations for wave loads on pipelines in different depth were accomplished and compared by the improved Morison equation and the existing Morison equation. Results show that the improved Morison equation optimizes the accuracy of the computation of wave load on floating hose. Thus it is more suitable for analyzing the effects of wave loads on floating hose and useful for mechanic analysis of offshore pipeline.

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