Table 1: Categories of response measurements used in quantification.

Category 1 — Intensity measurements
Nuc/Cell Intensity Intensity from nuclear region / intensity from cytoplasmic region
Cell/Bckg Intensity Intensity from cytoplasmic region / background intensity
Nuc Intensity Intensity from nuclear region per unit area
Cell Intensity Cytoplasmic intensity per unit area
Background Intensity Average intensity in the local background
Light Flux Total intensity in per nuclear region / cytoplasmic intensity per unit area
Intensity (N+C) Intensity in whole cell per unit area
IxA (Nuc) Total nuclear intensity per cell
IxA (Cell) Total cytoplasmic intensity per cell
IxA (N+C) Total intensity from whole cell per cell
Organelle Inclusion/Cell Intensity Ratio of the organelle intensity inclusions to cell intensity
Organelle Inclusion/Bckg Intensity of organelle objects / local background intensity
Organelle Intensity Intensity of pixels within inclusions per unit area
OrgIxA Total organelle intensity per cell
Category 2 — Measurements of intensity distribution
Nuc Intensity CV Coefficient of variation for intensity in the nuclear region
Intensity Spreading Cellular intensity distribution
Cell Intensity CV Coefficient of variation of cell intensity
Category 3 —Morphological measurements
Cell Area Cell area
Nuc/Cell Area Nuclear area / cell area
Cell Gyration Radius Average radius of cells
Cell Elongation Mean Ratio of the short axis to long axis of the cell
Cell 1/(Form Factor) Cell roundness index
Organelle Count Number of identified organelle objects
Organelle Spacing Distance between organelle objects
Organelle Neighbor Count Number of neighboring organelle
Organelle Mean Area Mean area of identified organelle objects
Organelle 1/(Form Factor) Roundness index of organelle
Organelle Elongation Mean ratio of the short axis of the organelle to the long axis
Organelle Distance to Nuc Distance from the center of gravity of organelle to center of gravity of nucleus
Organelle Total Area Total area of organelle
Cell Count Number of cells