Table 3: Some important role of piperine.

Different effect of Piperine References
Piperine inhibit pulmonary cytochrome P450 activities [92]
Piperine inhibit UDP-glucose dehydrogenase and UDP- glucuronyl transferase [98]
Piperine shows antileishmanic activity [155]
Piperine increases serum response of β-carotene [100]
Piperine inhibit alfatoxins B1 (AFB1)biosynthesis [156]
Piperine shows antimalarial activity [157]
Piperine reduced the production of alfatoxins [158]
Thermogenic action of piperine via adrenal catecholamine secretion [159]
Piperine inhibit monoamine oxidase [160]
Piperine inhibit ascorbate-Fe++-induced lipid peroxidation [161]
Piperine protected against oxidative stress induced carcinogenesis [162]
Piperine modulated membrane dynamics and permeation characteristics [162]
Piperine shows chemopreventive effectin carcinogenesis [163, 164]
Piperine inhibited mitochondrial oxidative phosphorylation [165]
Piperine exerted protection against t-butyl hydroperoxide [166]
Piperine protects cisplatin-induced apoptosis via heme oxygenase-1 [167]
Piperine potentiate hepatotoxicity of carbon tetrachloride in rats [168]
Inhibition /quenching of super oxides and hydroxyl radicals by piperine [169]
Piperine reduces high fat diet induced oxidative stress [170]
Anti-metastatic activity of piperine on lung metastasis [171]
Piperine inhibits platelet aggregation as a TXA2receptor antagonist [172]
Piperine decreased mitochondrial lipid peroxidation [173]
Piperine alleviates hypertension induced by NO synthase inhibition [174]
Piperine reduced D-galactosamine induced hepatotoxicity [175]
Piperine inhibited cholesteryl ester (CE) synthesis [176]
Piperine enhances bioavailability of the tea polyphenol [177]
Piperine shows anti mutagenic activity [178, 179]
Piperine shows anti-thyroid activity [180]
Piperine modulates hormonal and apo lipoprotein profiles [181]
Blood pressure lowering and effects of piperine [182]
Piperine shows cytoprotective and immunomodulating properties [183]
Piperine protects against neurodegeneration and cognitive impairment [184]
Piperine inhibit mitochondrial dysfunction and cell death in PC12 cells [185]
Piperine shows antibacterial and fungicidal activity [186, 187]
Piperine shows insecticidal activity [188, 189]
Piperine stimulates melanocyte replication in vitro and useful in treating the depigmenting disease, vitiligo. [190, 191]
Piperine shows antidiarrhoel activity [76, 192]