Table 1: Studies examined in this systematic review.

Authors Title Year No. Model
Ablin, et al. Distinctive personality profiles of fibromyalgia and chronic fatiguesyndrome patients. 2016 1 Psychobiological model
Bucourt, et al. Comparison of the Big Five personality traits in fibromyalgia
and otherrheumatic diseases.
2016 2 Big Five
Da Silva, et al. Can health care providers recognise a fibromyalgia personality? 2017 3 Big Five
Di Tella, et al. Theory of mind and emotional functioning in fibromyalgia syndrome: An investigation of the
relationship between social cognition and executive function.
2015 4 Big Five
Di Tella, et al. Coping strategies and perceived social support in fibromyalgia syndrome: Relationship with alexithymia. 2017 5 Alexithymia
Di Tella, et al. Pain experience in fibromyalgia syndrome: The role of alexithymia andpsychological distress. 2017 6 Alexithymia
Garcia-Fo ntanals, et al. Vulnerability to psychopathology and dimensions of personality in patients with fibromyalgia. 2017 7 Alexithymia
Gonzales, et al. Fibromyalgia characterization in apsychosocial approach. 2014 8 Psychobiological model
Gumà-Uri el, et al. Impact of IPDE-SQ personality disorders on the healthcare and societal
costs of fibromyalgia patients: A cross-sectional study.
2016 9 Psychopathology
Kayhan, et al. Sexual dysfunction, mood, anxiety, and personality disorders in female patients with fibromyalgia. 2016 10 Psychopathology
Leombruni, et al. Harm avoidance and self-directedness characterize fibromyalgic patients and the symptom severity. 2016 11 Psychobiological model
Malin & Little john Psychological factors mediate key symptoms of fibromyalgia through their influence on stress. 2016 12 Big Five
Martinez, et al. Relationships between physical symptoms, emotional distress, and
pain appraisal in fibromyalgia: The moderator effect of alexithymia.
2015 13 Alexithymia
Miro, et al. Men and women with fibromyalgia: Relation between attentional function
and clinical symptoms.
2014 14 Neurospychological aspects
Montoro & Reyes del Paso Personality and fibromyalgia: Relationships with
clinical, emotional, and functional variables.
2015 15 Neuroticism
Montoro, et al. Alexithymia in fibromyalgia syndrome. 2016 16 Alexithymia
Rossello, et al. Affective modulation of brain and
autonomic responses in patients with fibromyalgia.
2015 17 Neuropsychological aspects
Santos, et al. The influence of depression on personality traits in
patients with fibromyalgia: A case-control study.
2016 18 Psychobiological model
Taymur, et al. Personality-related core beliefs in patients diagnosed
with fibromyalgia plus depression: A comparison with depressed and healthy control groups.
2014 19 Dysfunctional beliefs
Uguz, et al. Quality of life in rheumatic
patients: The impact of personality disorders.
2015 20 Psychopathology