Table 4: Significant correlations values between the cognitive performance variables (median RT, Maximal RT, Min RT and Standard deviation of RTs) obtained during the two reaction time tasks (CRTT1 and CRTT2).

Correlated variables Spearman r value
Median RT CRTT1 vs. Median RT CRTT2 -.71***
Max RT CRTT2 vs. Missings CRTT2 .53*
Min RT CRTT2 vs. SD RT CRTT2 -.67**
SD RT CRTT1 vs. SD RT CRTT2 -.70**
Diff Min RT vs. Diff SD RT -.63**

Diff Min RT = Min RT CRTT2 – Min RT CRTT1; Diff SD RT = SD CRTT1 – SD CRTT2; *p < .05; ** p < .01; *** p < .001