Table1: Assessing parameters and inflammatory mediators associated with various inflammatory diseases [ 86-89].

Scientist Reported Data Inflammatory Mediators
and Assessing Parameters
Associated Diseases Study Conducted on Animal / Cell Culture Study Conducted on Human Inference
Duration of Study (Year) Sample Size
Nadrowski et al.(2010) [86] Interleukin 6 (IL 6) Atherosclerosis NA 2007- 2011 4979 For systematic inflammation IL-6 is important biomarker and is responsible for
Henry et al.(2008) [87] Interleukin -6 (IL- 6) Depression BV-2 microglia and
Male BALB/c mice
NA NA Decrease levels of IL-6 in blood cause behavioral changes.
Zhang et al. (2014) [88] NLRP3 inflammasome Depression Male BALB/c mice NA NA NLRP3 inflammasome
is responsible for depressive behaviors.
Grivennikov et al. (2009) [89] Interleukin -6 (IL- 6) Lung cancer Stat3F/F mice NA NA Destruction of IL-6 trans-signaling delays growth of tumor.
Lin et al.(2017) [90] Interleukin 6(IL 6) Hepatocellular carcinoma Rag1−/− mice
And Rarres2−/− mice
Elevated level of IL-6 leads to progression of lung cancer.