Table 3: Patients’ experiences during receiving services.

Categories Themes Subtheme
Inappropriate behavior of health care staff Discrimination Providing service to other patients and not providing to HIV patients
Inappropriate way of looking at HIV patients
Changes in personnel behavior towards HIV patients
Humiliation Verbal humiliation
Humiliating HIV patients in the presence of other patients
Rejection Being rejected by health care personnel
Being rejected by other patients
concealing the disease Due to fear of inappropriate behaviors Due to fear of changes in personnel behavior
Due to fear of being rejected
Due to fear of impose more cost
Due to the Fear of being judged
due to the fear of disease enclosure for patient companions
Hardship endurance Feeling shame and embarrassment Shame of the service provider
Shame of other patients
denying patients right People prevention of providing services to HIV-positive patients
taking test samples without the patients’ permission
personnel curiosity about the patients disease
imposing additional costs to the patients Ambulance costs for transferring patients to other cities
Cost of traveling to other cities in order to receive better services
long waiting times for receiving services
Financial concerns financial inability of the patients due to unemployment
due to being poor
due to lack of health insurance
high costs of medicines and tests costs of medicines
costs of medical tests