Table 2: Summary of incentives and advantages of Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) reported by 31 men who have sex with men, Bouaké, Côte d’Ivoire, 2018

Avoiding HIV infection « […]it will save us from having HIV which is everywhere now in the community. And it will, if I can say, stop many HIV contaminations. » (Participant #1, Focus group)
Protection in case of a condom breakage « […] condom is not reassuring. It can break or leak out and… But when I use PrEP and I use condoms, then it is safe.» (Participant #9, Interview)
Protection in case of high-risk sexual behaviour Unknown HIV status of sexual partner «It will protect us with many diseases because often we are with someone and you are serious, but maybe the person is not serious, and he can give you the disease because you didn’t know he was infected. » (Participant #17, Focus group)
Not using condom « For me, what can encourage me to use PrEP, it is to first protect myself, because now it is not every partner that like to use condoms. » (Participant #1, Focus group)
Doubt about sexual partner’s fidelity «[…] you cannot know your partner’s faithfulness, because the partner can tell you « I’m faithful », but you can’t know for sure, because you are not together all the time. So I think that taking PrEP is a good thing and a good way to avoid HIV. » (Participant #29, Focus group)
Personal infidelity / multiple partnership «It is true that we say we are faithful and everything, but it happens sometimes when you go out and you see a beautiful man, so you cannot refrain yourself and it makes you do things. So if I know I’m going to a party, I take PrEP and I go. In case where I have an occasion, I go for it and I know that there is no risk taking. » (Participant #16, Focus group)
Autonomy / self-reliance « The advantages to use PrEP is that it allows us to be self-reliant. When I say self-reliant, [I mean] not being afraid of intercourses, because the partner, I don’t know, I am not aware of his status. […] it will make us responsible […]. Because just deciding to use PrEP it is being responsible for myself. » (Participant #16, Interview)
Decreasing HIV fear « I know that PrEP makes me healthy, because I am afraid of HIV. » (Participant #29, Interview)
Increasing trust in partner « […] I’m happy to know that PrEP can lead to trust in couples, in relationships.» (Participant #18, Focus group)
Ease of use « I think it is an easy method» (Participant #14, Focus group)