Table 3: Summary of consequences, barriers and incentives of Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP); a qualitative study among 31 men who have sex with men (MSM), Bouaké, Côte d’Ivoire, 2018

PrEP does not protect against other STIs « So, for me, something that can drive me not to use this medication, it’s because it isn’t 100% effective to protect men. When I say 100%, I mean that there are other diseases, beside HIV, there are other diseases such as gonorrhea, STIs. » (Participant #19, Focus group)
Having to take a pill regularly «A disadvantage is having to take PrEP continuously. Me in particular, it bothers me a little because I am this kind of guy, I hate pills. » (Participant #16, Focus group)
Size of the pill « And the tablet volume! It scares me, the tablet size is very important to me. When I see the pill, if it is big, it even scares me more. » (Participant #16 Focus group)
Side effects and long term effects «So, a disadvantage, it is not easy to say because I haven’t used it yet. But I don’t know, if there are, if used for an extended period of time, if it can drive other things. » (Participant #27, Interview)
Accessibility Geographical accessibility «Something that could refrain me from using PrEP is accessibility because, me particularly, I am in a neighbourhood remote from city center» (Participant #16, Focus group)
Accessibility to the centers that delivers PrEP « You see, there are MSM who are reluctant to come here at RSB. […] they think that they will be seen by people here, they are afraid that others say “yes I saw him at RSB so he is gay”. That’s it, so it is a little complicated. » (Participant #32, Interview)
Cost « First, if PrEP is available, I would normally like that it is free. Because not everyone is able to afford to buy it. » (Participant #1, Focus group)
Infidelity, multiple partnership « The only reason that could push me to not use this medication is multiple partnership. But in case where I am faithful, I only have to beware of HIV, because I know that STIs, I won’t have it. » (Participant #27, Focus group)
Fidelity, trust in partner « Me, what could drive me not to use this medication is my faith in my partner first, that is to say fidelity» (Participant #31, Focus group)

STIs, Sexually transmitted infections; RSB, Renaissance Santé Bouaké (a non-governmental organization)