Table 1: Sample of Pre-written Text Message by Behavioral Change Theory

Social Support Theory Health Belief Model Social Cognitive Theory
Informational Support Emotional Support Instrumental Support Health Threat Health Behaviors to Reduce Threat Awareness of Health Risks Self-Regulation Skills Self-Efficacy
There’s no such thing as a good sore Comin down? Go 2 sleep Need someone 2 talk 2? We’re at ___ 2nite Painless sores are still very infectious Stop B4 U rub it raw Don’t let Tina take U down Red flag if he doesn’t want 2 protect U U have a choice
Stay on top of UR numbers Rehydrate and rest! Testing 2nite @ _______ It might not be a pimple Keep UR teeth, don’t tweak R U a bottom? Get an anal pap smear to check 4 HPV Peace of mind is priceless Tell UR partners what U like & don’t. U can do it!
Mix Viagra & Poppers? U may come and then go B clear about UR boundaries HIV+ case management? Go 2 ______ His STD is not as cute as he is Don’t let NE1 tell U what UR limits R! Sharon Needles? She’s bad news Getting stuck behind UR computer? Take a walk Know UR health info, B informed!
Gums bleeding? Gargle with peroxide Don’t compromise there’s always a guy in the next room Needle exchange 2nite @ ___ R U drippin’ while UR trippin’? Get his #, not his STD If UR poz don’t assume he is R U havin’ trouble stayin with UR plan? We can help Say 1st thing UR neg & always use condoms, like U did last time. U can do it!