Table 6: Flow-Cytometry Antibody Panels

FITC PE PerCP PECy7 APC Function Cell population/subset
CD1c IgD CD27 CD19 IgM B cells mature, naïve
CD44 IgD CD38 CD19 CD10 B cells mature, naïve
CD77 IgD CD38 CD19 CD23 B cells mature, naïve
CD1c CD21 CD5 CD19 CD23 B cells B1
CD1c CD95 CD27 CD19 CD20 B cells apoptosis
HLA-Dr CD80 CD27 CD19 CD86 B cells mature, costimulation, antigen presentation
CD11c CD80 CD3,56,19,14 HLA-Dr CD8 DCs, monocytes Costimulation, antigen presentation
CD11c IFNa CD3,56,19,14 HLA-Dr CD123 DCs cytokine production, antigen presentation
CD8 CD69 CD4 CD3 CD122 T cell subsets activation
IFNg IL-4 CD8 CD3 CD4 T cell subsets activation, Th1/Th2 profile, cytokine production (as of 10/1/06 carried out on frozen cells)
IgG IgG CD8 CD3 CD4 T cell subsets Isotype contols (as of 10/1/06 carried out on frozen cells)
CD45RA CD45RO CD8 CD4 CD62L T cell subsets naïve, memory, activation
6B11 v alpha 24 CD8 CD4 NKT cells
CD8 CD25 CD4 CD3 CD62L T regulatory, CD4 T cells activation
IgG1 IgG1 IgG1 IgG1 IgG1 Isotype control