Fig. (7) WRF-UEMS Run A1 (WDM6 scheme) at (a) 1200 UTC, (b) 1500 UTC, (c) 1800 UTC, and (d) 2100 UTC) 26 December 2003 with 700-hPa geopotential height (solid brown line: m), 700-hPa potential temperature) (filled colors: °C), mean sea-level pressure (solid blue line: hPa), and 10-m AGL wind vector (black: kt). Each full wind barb is 5 m s-1 (10 kt) and flag is 25 m s-1 (50 kt). The USGS terrain (10 arc min: grey shades) is above the 700-hPa surface in parts of Montana, Wyoming, Utah, and Colorado.