Table 2: Settings and details of WRF-UEMS simulations in this study.

Setting Detail
Model Simulations: Domains A: (1, 2) – 2 grids with 1 nest
B: (1, 2, 3) – 3 grids with 2 nests
Grid Spacing in Domains (sensitivity test) A: (12 km, 4 km); B: (12 km, 4 km, 1.33 km)
USGS Topographic Grid Scales in Domains
(sensitivity test)
A: (10 arc min, 2 arc min)
B: (10 arc min, 2 arc min, 0.5 arc min)
Number of Levels; Model Top Level; ΔP 45; 50 hPa; 25 hPa
Time Step (Δt) in Domains A: (72 s, 24 s); B: (72 s, 24 s, 8 s)
Initial and Boundary Conditions North American Regional Reanalysis
Land Surface Noah Land Surface
Surface Layer Monin-Obukhov
Shortwave Radiation MM5 Shortwave
Longwave Radiation Rapid Radiative Transfer
Cumulus Convective Scheme in Domains A: (ON, ON); B: (ON, ON, OFF)
Boundary Layer Scheme Mellor-Yamada-Janjić
Microphysics Schemes (sensitivity test) Purdue-Lin, Ferrier or Eta, Morrison, Stony Brook University, WRF Double-Moment 6-Class