Table 5: Body weight change and feed conversion efficiency of local sheep fed hay and supplemented with concentrate mixture, Atella, Faidherbia albida and Sesbania sesban leaves.

Parameters Treatment Feeds SEM SL
T1 T2 T3 T4
Initial body weight (kg) 18.00 18.03 18.05 18.02 0.130 ns
Final body weight (kg) 22.5a 22.11ab 21.45b 21.79b 0.160 **
Body weight change (kg) 4.50a 4.08ab 3.40b 3.78ab 0.210 *
ADG (g/day) 50a 45ab 38b 42ab 2.3 *
FCE (g ADG/g TDMI) 0.07a 0.06ab 0.05b 0.06ab 0.003 **

a, b mean values in a row having different superscripts differ significantly; ns= not significant; *= significant at P < 0.05; **= significant at P < 0.01; SL= significance level; SEM = Standard error of the mean; TDMI= total dry matter intake; T1 = Hay ad libitum + 300 g DM CM /day; T2 = Hay ad libitum + 330 g DM Atella/day; T3 = Hay ad libitum + 360 g DM F. albida/day; T4 = Hay ad libitum +280 g DM S.sesban/day