Table 2: Morphological properties of the soils in the pedons.

Pedon Depth (cm) Horizon Boundary Colour
Textural Class (Feel Method) Structure Consistency Roots
Dry Moist
EP1 0-16 A1 SS 7.5Y2/2 Sandy Loam CGr VH H FI, VA
16-25 A2 CS 7.5YR4/6 Loamy sand CG VH H FI-M, VA
25-36 B AW 5YR5/6 Sandy Clay Loam MSAB VH H FI-C, F
EP2 0-11 A1 SS 7.5YR3/3 Sandy loam MSAB VH H FI, VA
11-24 A2 SW 7.5YR4/6 Loamy Sand MSAB VH H FI, VA
24-37 B1 CW 7.5YR5/8 Sandy Clay Loam MSAB VH H VF, F
37-65 B2 CW 5YR5/8 Clay Sand FSAB H FM Non
65-128 C1 CS 2.5YR3/6 Sandy Clay MSAB MS H Non
128-144 C2 CS 7.5YR6/8 Sandy clay MSAB MS H Non
EP3 0-10 A1 SS 7.5YR4/3 Clay loam MMSAB VH H FI, VA
10-25 A2 CS 7.5YR5/6 Loamy clay SAB VH H FI, VA
25-43 B1 CW 7.5YR4/6 Sandy clay loam CSAB VH H FI, M
43-61 B2 AW 7.5YR6/6 Clay SAB H FM Non
61-92 C1 CS 7.5YR5/6 Clay AB MS H Non
91-150 C2 CS 7.5YR7/8 Clay AB VH H Non

SS = Sharp Smooth; CS = Clear Smooth; AW = Abrupt Wavy; CW = Clear Wavy; SM = Sharp Smooth; SW = Sharp Wavy; CGr = Grainy Coarse Granular; CG = Coarse Granular; MSAB = Medium Sub-Angular Blocky; FSAB = Fine Sub-Angular Blocky; MMSAB = Moderate Medium Sub-Angular Blocky; SAB = Sub-Angular Blocky; CSAB = Coarse Sub-Angular Blocky; AB = Angular Blocky; VH = Very Hard; MS = Moderately Strong; H hard; FM = Firm; FI = Fine; FI-M = Fine-Medium; FI-c = Fine-Coarse; VF = Very Fine; VA = Very Abundant; F = Few.

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