Fig. (7) DSC curves of the alkali activated mortars with and without PCM upon a cooling and a heating cyclic test with rate of 5°C/min: (a) group A based on 90FA_10CH_12M_2.5S/H_0.8A/B; (b) group B based on 90FA_10CH_12M_2.5S/H_0.7A/B_1.0SP; (c) group C based on 90FA_10CH_12M_2.0S/H_0.7A/B_1.0SP; (d) group D based on 90FA_10CH_12M_1.5S/H_0.7A/B_1.0SP; and (e) group E based on 90FA_10PC_12M_2.5S/H_0.8A/B; Δ stands for the orthogonal distance between peak the two dashed lines.