Table 2: Factors to support the implementation of LPC.

No. Critical Success Factors (CSFs) References
1. Top management support [23]
2. Commitment to promises
3. Involvement of all stakeholders
4. Communication between parties to achieve team work
5. Robust relationship with suppliers
6. Push employees to create change
7. Coordination and cooperation between parties
8. Manage resistance to change
9. Definition of roles and responsibilities [24]
10. Involvement of project manager
11. Increased support and monitoring of management and Sub directorate
12. Failed to update and meet the program daily
13. Lack of defined roles and responsibilities for monitoring implementation LPC
14. The project does not have all the subcontractors, which forces perform the implementation of LPC through several stages
15. Lacking greater commitment by management on the implementation
16. There was a lack of integration of subcontractors
17. Managers lacked participation