Challenges /barriers to implement Last Planner System Level of Importance
High Medium Low Very
1 Resistance of managers to change planner system
2 Failure of management commitment to LPS implementation
3 Shortage of human capital
4 Shortage of recognize of new system
5 Lack of skills, training, and experience
6 Non-supportive company environment
7 Shortage of stakeholder support
8 Elongate acceptance steps from top management
9 Misuse of output data generated during implementation of LPS
10 Partial or late implementation of LPS
11 Unavailability of coordinate and cooperation between parties
12 Short-term vision
13 Misinterpretation of PPC indicator
14 Participation of many parties joined the project, principally subcontractors and suppliers
15 Shortage of communication amongst participants of the production process
16 Shortage of integration among client, consultant, contractor and supplier
17 Shortage of application of advanced technology in construction
18 Shortage of the training course for the directors