Table 1: Test methods.

Test on Component Materials Test on Fresh and Hardened Concrete
Test Conducted Standard Adopted Test Conducted Standard Adopted
Aggregate Specific Gravity (SG) BS EN 1097-6 Compacting factor BS EN 1881-103
Sieve Analysis (BLA) ASTM D7928-7 Slump BS EN 12350-2
Sieve Analysis ASTM C33 Compressive strength BS EN 12390-3
BLA and Cement SG ASTM C 188 Tensile strength BS EN 12390-6
Fineness Modulus ASTM C136 Flexural strength BS EN 12390-5
Aggregate Water Absorption BS EN 1097-6 Water absorption ASTM C642
Voids in Aggregate ASTM C29 Permeable voids ASTM C642
Aggregate Density ASTM C29 Hardened density ASTM C642
Setting Time BS EN 196-3 Sorptivity ASTM C1585
Consistency IS 4031-4
Soundness BS EN 193-3