Table 1: Search parameters and the results of a MASCOT search for candidate protein FBXW2. Segments of the FBXW2 peptides detected in the supernatants of cultured bovine-periosteum-derived cells were matched.

Entry Name FBXW2_BOVIN
Accession Number Q58D00; Q58DP3
Full Name F-box and WD-40 domain-containing protein 2
Database SwissProt
Enzyme Trypsin
Taxonomy Other mammalia
Variable Modifications Carbamidomethyl (C), Oxidation (M)
Peptide Mass Tolerance 50 ppm
Fragment Mass Tolerance 0.1 Da
Amino Acid Sequence 71–85: K.WLDPQTLLTCCLVSK.Q
Protein Sequence Coverage 3%