Table 3: Summary of some in vitro hemodynamic studies using 3D printed biomodels.

Geometry RP1 system RP material Cast material Blood analogue Measurement
Real porcine coronary arteries Multijet and Inkjet FullCure®720 and 3Z model PDMS2 W3 - [76]
Idealized Injection molding Aluminum Silicone (T-2 silastic) W- G4 (40, 60%) PIV [93]
Idealized and Patient-specific SLA5 Epoxy resin PDMS DMSO6-W (52, 48%) μPIV [75]
Patient-specific SLA PIC100 resin PDMS Whole blood Fluorescence microscopy [77]
Patient-specific SLA VeroWhitePlus RGD835 and TangoPlus FLX930 Silicone DiW7- G- corn starch
(70, 30, 0.1%)
Doppler [94]
Patient-specific SLA; Multijet and FDM Flexible resin, Tango Grey, TangoBlack and TPU8 filament - - CT [95]
Patient-specific Inkjet Low melting
point alloy
Silicone G- SNDS 9-D10- O11 -Antifungal agent- DM 12(15, 1, 3, 2, 79%) Doppler Ultrasound [96]
Idealized SLA Epoxy resin PDMS W-G (39, 61%) μPIV [83]
Idealized FDM ABS13 filaments PDMS DiW-G-NaI14 (47.38, 36.94, 15.68%) PIV [15]
Idealized SLA Clear resin PDMS D Inverted confocal microscope [97]
Patient-specific Inkjet Water-soluble plaster Silicone W-G (45, 55%) PIV [17]
Patient-specific SLA Stereocol Acrylate RTV15 Silicone IA16-G (70, 30%) PIV [18]
Idealized SLA - - DMSO-W (52, 48%) PTV [63]

1RP – Rapid Prototyping, 2Polydimethylsiloxane, 3W-water, 4G-Glycerol, 5SLA – Stereolithography, 6DMSO- Dimethyl sulfoxide, 7DiW- Distilled water, 8TPU-Thermoplastic polyurethane, 9SND- Synperonic N detergent surfactant, 10D-Dextran, 11O-Orgasol particles, 12DM- Demi water, 13Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene, 14NaI-Sodium iodide, 15RTV-Room-Temperature-Vulcanizing, 16IA-Isopropyl alcohol