Table 2: Identified Proteins in the Carotenoid-Protein Complex Assigned to Cassava Proteome Locus and their Distribution in Protein Families Assigned by Pfam Search

Pfam Manihot Locus Protein Name Abbreviation Score E_Value
PF00022 cassava4.1_033108m ACT7 312.0 4.8e-85
PF00022 cassava4.1_033108m Actin 350.5 1.1e-96
PF00515 cassava4.1_013135m ASNAP2 367.5 2.8e-102
PF10559 cassava4.1_006793m ATPase 194.5 3.5e-50
PF00306 cassava4.1_004726m ATPsyn 228.0 3.2e-60
PF02806 cassava4.1_001595m BE 1726.8 0
PF02167 cassava4.1_012354m Cyt_c1 425.6 1.1e-119
PF00198 cassava4.1_004864m Dihy_acet 440.3 5.2e-124
PF00257 cassava4.1_015875m ERD10 116.7 7.3e-27
PF04716 cassava4.1_017840m RBP31 336.7 1.9e-92
PF01145 cassava4.1_013221m HIR1 252.7 6.6e-68
PF00125 cassava4.1_019911m Histone 167.5 2.1e-42
PF00011 cassava4.1_019659m HSP_15.7 225.7 1.6e-59
PF00011 cassava4.1_018038m HSP_17.4I 164.1 1.5e-61
PF00011 cassava4.1_018127m HSP_17.6I 261.2 3.8e-70
PF00011 cassava4.1_017871m HSP_18.1I 291.2 3.8e-79
PF04969 cassava4.1_017974m HSP_18.2 266.9 9.5e-72
PF00011 cassava4.1_017871m HSP_20 284.3 2.7e-77
PF00011 cassava4.1_015256m HSP_21 396.4 1.1e-110
PF04969 cassava4.1_032436m HSP_22.0 352.8 9.6e-98
PF00011 cassava4.1_016267m HSP_23.6 382.9 1.3e-106
PF00011 cassava4.1_015518m HSP_26.5 305.8 2.3e-83
PF01423 cassava4.1_019986m snRNP 58.9 2.8e-9
PF02779 cassava4.1_010415m MAB1 237.3 1.6e-63
PF02466 cassava4.1_018513m OEP16 256.1 9.4e-69
PF00107 cassava4.1_031433m Oxireductase 377.5 4.6e-105
PF02866 cassava4.1_010611m PMDH2 612.1 0
PF00076 cassava4.1_012182m RNP 304.7 6.5e-83
PF00076 cassava4.1_019294m RRM_1 161.4 4.5e-40
PF03765 cassava4.1_003845m SEC14 309.3 6.2e-85