Table 4: Identified Proteins in Non-carotenoid-protein Complex Assigned to Cassava Proteome Locus and their Distribution in Protein Families Assigned by Pfam Search

Pfam Cassava Locus Protein Name Abbreviation Total Score E_Value
PF00022 cassava4.1_033108m ACT7 371.3 3.4e-103
PF00022 cassava4.1_033108m ACT8 448.7 1.5e-126
PF02806 cassava4.1_001595m AMYLASE 255.8 6.2e-69
PF00141 cassava4.1_014643m APX2 484.6 3.8e-137
PF03489 cassava4.1_005735m Aspartyl protease 517.7 4.6e-147
PF00173 cassava4.1_019974m ATMAPR2 203.8 6.6e-53
PF00166 cassava4.1_014439m CPN20 461.5 3.2e-130
PF00080 cassava4.1_018289m CSD1 278.9 1.8e-75
PF00257 cassava4.1_015875m ERD10 188.7 3.7e-48
PF02469 cassava4.1_031631m Fasciclin 323.2 4.5e-89
PF00044 cassava4.1_011175m GAPC 402.5 1.6e-112
PF00044 cassava4.1_011176m GAPC 287.0 6.3e-78
PF00044 cassava4.1_011326m GAPC 394.4 2.9e-110
PF00044 cassava4.1_011366m GAPC 634.4 0
PF00462 cassava4.1_019777m glutaredoxin 203.0 7.9e-53
PF01277 cassava4.1_016619m glycine-rich protein 243.4 7.0e-65
PF00011 cassava4.1_015256m HSP17.4 403.3 9.5e-113
PF00011 cassava4.1_016281m HSP17.4 302.8 1.5e-82
PF04969 cassava4.1_017267m HSP17.4 295.0 9.6e-80
PF00011 cassava4.1_017871m HSP17.4 291.2 3.8e-79
PF00011 cassava4.1_018066m HSP17.4 241.1 2.4e-64
PF00011 cassava4.1_018093m HSP17.4 281.6 3.8e-76
PF00011 cassava4.1_018121m HSP17.4 305.4 1.4e-83
PF00011 cassava4.1_018127m HSP17.4 261.2 4.0e-70
PF00011 cassava4.1_018158m HSP17.4 267.7 5.5e-72
PF00011 cassava4.1_018376m HSP17.4 295.8 1.0e-80
PF00011 cassava4.1_017871m HSP17.6I 291.2 3.8e-79
PF00011 cassava4.1_018127m HSP17.6I 261.2 3.8e-70
PF00011 cassava4.1_018131m HSP17.6I 167.2 2.1e-56
PF00011 cassava4.1_018158m HSP17.6II 267.7 5.5e-72
PF00011 cassava4.1_017871m HSP18.2 291.2 3.8e-79
PF00011 cassava4.1_018038m HSP18.2 164.1 1.5e-61
PF00011 cassava4.1_018066m HSP18.2 241.1 2.4e-64
PF00011 cassava4.1_017871m HSP20 291.2 3.8e-79
PF00011 cassava4.1_018131m HSP20 235.0 3.7e-62
PF00011 cassava4.1_015256m HSP21 396.4 1.1e-110
PF00011 cassava4.1_018066m HSP21 241.1 2.4e-64
PF00011 cassava4.1_017871m HSP22.0 291.2 3.8e-79
PF00011 cassava4.1_018066m HSP22.0 241.1 2.4e-64
PF00011 cassava4.1_015256m HSP23.6 396.4 1.1e-110
PF00011 cassava4.1_015518m HSP23.6 305.8 2.3e-83
PF04969 cassava4.1_017267m HSP23.6 295.0 9.6e-80
PF04969 cassava4.1_017974m HSP23.6 266.9 9.5e-72
PF04969 cassava4.1_022774m HSP23.6 226.9 1.1e-59
PF04969 cassava4.1_032436m HSP23.6 352.8 9.6e-98
PF00012 cassava4.1_003331m HSP70-1 194.5 9.2e-59
PF00012 cassava4.1_003343m HSP70-1 379.0 3.0e-105
PF05193 cassava4.1_005898m pepsin A 274.2 1.3e-73
UNKOWN cassava4.1_017439m Pt2L4 57.0 1.8e-8
PF00160 cassava4.1_017662m ROC1 323.9 6.3e-89
PF00515 cassava4.1_004441m stress-inducible 305.8 1.3e-83
PF05922 cassava4.1_019197m subtilase 221.5 2.9e-58
PF00240 cassava4.1_019468m SUM2 117.1 2.1e-27
PF00578 cassava4.1_017973m TPX1 322.0 1.9e-88
PF00240 cassava4.1_019139m UBQ10 247.3 4.5e-66
PF07708 cassava4.1_009650m UBQ2 313.9 2.6e-160
PF11976 cassava4.1_018181m UBQ2 266.5 6.5e-72
PF00240 cassava4.1_019139m UBQ3 247.3 4.6e-66
UNKOWN cassava4.1_015690m Unkown 287.0 1.1e-77