Table 8: Different feature selection techniques used for microarray data.

Name of the Method Filter Wrapper Embedded Other
Signal-to-noise-Ratio(SNR) [65-69] Y X X X
t-test [121] Y X X X
Euclidean Distance [66, 67] Y X X X
Bayesian Network [64] Y X X X
Information Gain (IG) [63] Y X X X
Correlation-based Feature Selection [70] Y X X X
FCBF [71] Y X X X
ReliefF [69] Y X X X
mRMR method [72] Y X X X
EFA [73] Y X X X
PCC [66, 86] Y X X X
SAM [87, 115] Y X X X
correlation coefficient [114] Y X X X
redundancy based filter [110] Y X X X
BIRS [74] X Y X X
Classical wrapper search algorithm [75] X Y X X
GA-KDE-Bayes [76] X Y X X
SPS [77] X Y X X
RGS-PSO [118] X Y X X
FRFS [79] X X Y X
IFP [80] X X Y X
KP-SVM [81] X X Y X
PAC-Bayes [82] X X Y X
Random Forest [83] X X Y X
Recursive Feature Elimination
Ensemble feature selection (EF) [84] X X X Y
MFMW [85] X X X Y
SNR-PSO [49] X X X Y
BBO [117] X X X Y