Table 1: Missense SNPs of human PGP and their location. SNPs are represented in the usual convention: wildtype aminoacid followed by position followed by replacement aminoacid.

No. rsid SNP Location
1 rs28381804 F17L N-terminal domain
2 rs9282564 N21D N-terminal domain
3 rs1202183 N44S TM1
4 rs9282565 A80E Linker between TM1 and TM2
5 rs1128501 G185V TM3
6 rs36008564 I261V Linker between TM4 and TM5
7 rs2229109 S400N NBD1
8 rs28381902 E566K NBD1
9 rs28381914 R593C NBD1
10 rs2235036 A599T NBD1
11 rs35023033 R669C NBD1
12 rs2235039 V801M Linker between TM8 and TM9
13 rs2032581 I829V TM9
14 rs28381967 I836V TM9
15 rs2032582 S893A Linker between TM11 and TM12
16 rs72552784 A999T NBD2
17 rs28401798 P1051A NBD2
18 rs55852620 Q1107P NBD2
19 rs2229107 S1141T NBD2
20 rs28364274 V1251I NBD2