Table 1: Raw materials and product samples for the isolation of LAB and yeasts.

Sample Sample
Yogurt nature White sorghum grains
Fermented milk powder Millet flour
Degue from millet Maize flour
Degue from red sorghum White sÐūrghum flour
Degue from white sorghum Red sorghum flour
Degue from maize Reconstituted milk powder (80%) mixed with soy milk (20%) and fermented
Millet pellets Fermented cow's milk
Maize pellets Degue from millet and cow's milk
Red sorghum pellets Degue from red sorghum and cow's milk
White sorghum pellets Degue from white sorghum and cow's milk
Millet grains Degue from maize and cow's milk
Maize grains Degue Abokpan
Red sorghum grains Degue Akpan