Table 5: Means for interaction effect of variety and intra-row spacing on fresh and dry biomass yield per plant of garlic.

Fresh Biomass Yield per Plant (gm) Dry Biomass Yield per Plant(gm)
Intra- Row Spacing
Variety 5cm 7.5cm 10cm 12.5cm 5cm 7.5cm 10cm 12.5cm
Tsedey 92 73.6g 89.13e 112.9c 126.43a 46.8f 49.7de 59.23b 56.03c
BishoftuNetch 67.53hi 81.13f 100.6d 118.7b 47.1f 51.33d 61.6a 58.13b
Local 64.27i 70.5gh 91.77e 103.53d 39.0h 41.03g 48.13ef 47.53f
LSD (5%) 4.34 1.88
CV (%) 2.8 2.2

Note: means with the same letter within a column are not statistically significant at 5% probability level.