Table 7: Means for Interaction effect of variety and intra-row spacing on total and marketable bulb yield of garlic.

Total Bulb Yield (t ha-1) Marketable Bulb Yield (t ha-1)
Intra - Row Spacing(cm)
Garlic Variety 5 7.5 10 12.5 5 7.5 10 12.5
Tsedey 92 8.98a 8.38b 7.55c 7.00d 8.05a 7.50b 6.98cd 6.74d
Bishoftu Netch 8.81a 8.11b 6.87d 5.70f 7.68b 7.22c 6.27e 5.35g
Local 8.14b 6.96d 6.09e 5.37g 6.87d 5.79f 5.37g 4.94h
LSD (5%) 0.28 0.25
CV (%) 2.3 2.3

Note: means with the same letter within a column are not statistically significant at 5% probability level.