Table 3: Treatment response prediction. Various breast cancer factors were analyzed for the predictive power in treatment response based on this study cohort (N=33). In each analysis, the clinical-pathological parameters used as predictors in the treatment response prediction were marked in the corresponding column. The average prediction accuracy of three methods, (KStar), Random Forests, and Neural Networks, was reported as the final result. P value represents the probability that the random prediction can perform at least as well as our prediction models

Response predictors Analysis 1 Analysis 2 Analysis 3
Age x x x
Histology x x
Stage x x
pT x x
pN x x
Nodes Positive x x
Metastasis Site x x
ER x x
PR x x
Her2/neu x x
Smoking x x
Surgery procedure x x x
Chemotherapy x x x
Prediction accuracy
p < 3.9 E-9
p < 4.7 E-7
p < 4.0 E-9