Table 4: Design steps for isolated member approach.

Step In the most stressed section Isolated member
1 Calculate the design values of the compressive force and bending moment on the member NEdMy,Rd
2 Calculate the compression and bending resistances of the cross section according with the cross section class Nc,RkMc,Rk
3 Calculate the pure elastic critical compressive force according to minor axis flexural buckling Ncr and the pure elastic critical bending moment of the member Mcr NcrMcr
4 Calculate the member slenderness and reduction factors separately for pure minor axis flexural buckling and pure lateral-torsional buckling (λ, χ, λLT and χLT)
5 Calculate the interaction factors connecting the two pure buckling cases (Annex A or Annex B) kzy
6 Calculate the design buckling resistance of the member and check the member combination of axial load and bending