Table 1: Definition of the design loads.

Dead Load – G1 According to the Steel Profiles Used.
Permanent/non-structural loads G2 Roof panels: 0,20 kN/m2
Side panels: 0,25 kN/m2
Accidental loads Qk Stored goods: each pallet is 1000 kg. The weight of each pallet is reduced by 15% basing on current practice.
Live load on roof: 0.50 kN/m2
Wind action 1.15 kN/m2 for the upwind side 0.69 kN/m2 for the downwind side
Snow load: 1.2 kN/m2
Definition of the Seismic action for the design (§ 3.2.3 of NTC2008)
Soil of category C.
DL limit state LS limit state (EA) LS limit state (DA)
ag 0.06 g 0.163 g 0.163 g
F0 2.507 2.449 2.449
Tc* 0.269 s 0.284 g 0.284 g
q 1.00 1.00 2.00

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