Table 1: Types of Cardiorenal Syndrome

Type of Cardiorenal Syndrome Definition Primary Event
Acute cardio-renal (type 1) (20–25%) Acute worsening of heart function (AHF–ACS) leading to kidney injury and/or dysfunction Acute heart failure (AHF) or acute coronary syndrome (ACS) or cardiogenic shock
Chronic cardio-renal (type 2) (30–45%) Chronic abnormalities in heart function (CHF-CHD) leading to kidney injury or dysfunction Chronic heart disease (systolic and/or diastolic dysfunction, chronic abnormalities in cardiac function, cardiomyopathy)
Acute reno-cardiac (type 3) (30–35%) Acute worsening of kidney function leading to heart injury and/or dysfunction Acute kidney injuring (AKI)
Chronic reno-cardiac (type 4) (45–50%) Chronic kidney disease (CKD) leading to heart injury, disease and/or dysfunction CKD
Secondary cardio-renal (type 5) Systemic condition causing cardiac and renal dysfunction Systemic disease (septic shock, diabetes, MetS, NAFLD, amyloidosis, vasculitis etc.)

AHF = Acute heart failure, ACS = acute coronary syndrome, AKI = acute kidney injury, CKD = chronic kidney disease, MetS = Metabolic syndrome, NAFLD = non alcoholic fatty liver disease.