Table 1: Distribution of experimental groups.

Group number Group name Type of surface treatment
Group 1 NB-Si No bleaching
Group 2 NB-As No bleaching + sodium ascorbate
Group 3 NB-Er No bleaching + Er:YAG laser
Group 4 NB-Nd No bleaching + ND:YAG laser
Group 5 MB-CO2 No bleaching + CO2 laser
Group 6 HB-Si Home bleaching
Group 7 HB-As Home bleaching + sodium ascorbate
Group 8 HB-Er Home bleaching + Er:YAG laser
Group 9 HB-Nd Home bleaching + ND:YAG laser
Group 10 HB-CO2 Home bleaching + CO2 laser
Group 11 OB-Si Office bleaching
Group 12 OB-As Office bleaching + sodium ascorbate
Group 13 OB-Er Office bleaching + Er:YAG laser
Group 14 OB-Nd Office bleaching + ND:YAG laser
Group 15 OB-CO2 Office bleaching + CO2 laser

Abbreviations: NB, No Bleaching; HB, Home Bleaching; OB, Office Bleaching; Si, Single Bond 2; Nd, ND:YAG Laser; Er, Er:YAG Laser; CO2, CO2 Laser; As, Sodium Ascorbate.