Fig. (9) Histological findings in furcation defect at 4 weeks for collagen scaffold-treated group. (A) Formation of new bone was marked when compared with control group. (B) Higher magnification image of the framed area (1) in (A). Periodontal ligament-like tissue was identified between the newly formed cementum-like tissue on the root surface and new alveolar bone. (C) Higher magnification image of framed area (2) in (A). Periodontal ligament-like tissue, including oriented fibers was detected along with root surface. CT, connective tissue; PB, preexisting bone; NB, new bone; NC, new cementum-like tissue; PL, periodontal ligament-like tissue; R, root; arrowheads, apical notches. Staining: hematoxylin and eosin (A, B) and Masson’s trichrome (C). (Scale bars represent 1 mm (A) and 100 µm (B, C)).