Table 2: Mineralizing associated technologies.

Technology Description Application Action Main Advantages Company
Iontophoresis The iontophoresis or iontophoresis (ion-phòresis = ion transport) is a pharmaceutical administration technique that uses a direct current (galvanic current), produced by a suitable generator for topical administration of a drug in the ionic state Optimal topical action, avoiding systemic administration and introducing the only active ingredient without excipients Transport of substances Iontophoresis has the advantage of bringing an adequate amount of drug in a localized area. Jonofluor
Photo-polymerization The polymerization reaction starts and is supported when the photosensitive agent is maintained in its excited state; these make it reactive with the reducing agent to produce free radicals, which open the double bonds C = C of the methacrylate groups making bonds between them (polymerization) It is possible, for certain applications, to formulate and to produce varnish hardening with UV rays Substance fixing Local action, easy to be used also by not-expert dental hygienists and dentists. Valo
Diode laser It is produced a beam of light generated as amplification of a photon input that stimulate the emission. Photothermal type bactericidal action, it can destroy bacterial cells while leaving intact the tooth structures by exploiting the photodynamic therapy Decontamination Multiple actions: decontamination of the site and photo-dynamic therapy. Helbo
LED The therapeutic protocol is based on the use of a photosensitive substance, Toluidine Blue (TBO), which is activated by a light source at a given wavelength. The received energy emanates reactive oxygen with cytotoxic effect on the cell membrane of microorganisms It is able to destroy 99% of the bacteria present in the biofilm, even those resistant and / or susceptible to antibiotics. The treatment can be repeated several times without causing side effects and the bactericidal effect is immediate.
The major applications include gingivitis and pericoronitis, the perimplantitis, the treatment of periodontal pockets and endodontic disinfection.
Decontamination Optimal antibacterial action: useful in acute inflammatory conditions. Fotosan
Ozone Ozone is one of the most effective oxidant, destroys bacteria, viruses or fungi, and carries out a hemostatic action. The ozone produced is delivered at the precise point to be treated. The ozone applied to the carious tooth surface is able to obtain an effective regression of caries, because it is able to stop the growth of bacteria and eliminate them progressively.
Not only it stops caries, but the diseased substance, preserved and subjected to ozone, is remineralises and hardens within 4-12 weeks
Decontamination Useful in conditions with flogosis substained by bacteria. Useful to avoid an invasive procedure by dentists. HealOzone (KAVO)