Table 1: Initial protocol of FMD (1)

1-SRP "full-mouth" All teeth in two visits within 24 hours,under local anesthesia
2-Brushing the back of the tongue For 1 minute, with 1% CHX gel
3-Mouthwash 2 times, for 1 minute, with 10mL of CHX at 0.2% and gargling the last 10 seconds to reach the tonsils
4-Subgingival irrigation of all pockets 3 times, for 10 minutes, with 1% CHX gel, after each of the 2 sessions, and repeated at D8, using a 6 and 8mm syringe labeled
5-Mouthwash (at home) With 10mL of CHX at 0.2%, twice a day for 1 minute, over 2 weeks
6-Oral hygiene instructions Tooth brushing, interdental cleaning with brushes or other hygiene aid, brushing of the tongue