Table 2: Modified Ryges Criteria.

Characteristic Evaluation Criteria
Retention Yes: the restoration is present
No: the restoration is absent
Marginal adaptation Alpha: no visible signs of ditching along the marginal edge
Bravo: visible signs of ditching along the marginal edge - small and easy to smooth
Charlie: slightly deeper ditching, exposed dentine. Treatment is required within a reasonable time
Delta: restoration is mobile, fractured or partially missing. Treatment is required urgently
Marginal discoloration Alpha: no discoloration
Bravo: slight discoloration that can be ignored, or that can be polished out
Charlie: significant edge discoloration that cannot be polished out
Delta: severe edge discoloration, very pronounced and unfavorable conditions may be suspected, such as micro leakage, caries, or risk of pulp involvement. Treatment required urgently
Secondary caries Alpha: no evidence of caries adjacent to restoration exists
Bravo: initial caries adjacent to restoration
Charlie: manifest caries adjacent to restoration. Treatment required urgently