Table 3: Mean (standard deviation) ΔE-values. Same superscript letters in the same column and same subscript numbers in the same row indicate a non-significant difference (p > 0.05).

Material Coffee
Mean ΔE-Value (SD)
Mean ΔE-Value (SD)
Red Wine
Mean ΔE-Value (SD)
Distilled Water
Mean ΔE-Value (SD)
CAD-Temp (CT) 2.32(0.26) 4.38(0.41) 1.75(0.18)a 0.28(0.14)
Mark II (M) 5.95(0.62)a 2.74(0.65)a1 2.84(1.37)a1 0.94(0.08)a
VITA Enamic (VE) 3.56(0.80) 1.77(0.80)a,b1 6.02(0.78) 0.66(0.11)1
Lava Ultimate (LU) 6.08(0.76)a 1.32(0.14)b1 8.61(0.30) 0.93(0.10)a1

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