Table 1: Contents of the lifestyle questionnaire.

Have you ever had any of the following illnesses? Hypertension/diabetes/periodontal disease/stomach or duodenal ulcer/stroke/cerebral infarction/intracranial hemorrhage/hyperlipidemia/liver disease/cancer/angina/myocardial infarction/none
Do you currently take any medicines? Yes (number of medicines: …..)/No
What time do you get up and sleep? Get up at about …../Sleep at about……
What time do you have each meal of the day? Breakfast at about ……./No breakfast
Lunch at about ……./No lunch
Dinner at about ……./No dinner
Midnight snack at about ……./No midnight snack
How often do you eat out? (including take-out food) Every day/Sometimes (….. times a week)/
No eating out
Do you pay attention to sugar intake? Yes, very much/Sometimes/No
Do you pay attention to the order of eating (i.e., vegetables first)? Yes, very much/Sometimes/No
How do you eat your meal every day? Eat until full/Finish before getting full/Eat small
How do you drink water every day? 1 – 2ℓ consciously/When thirsty/Rarely
Do you take any nutritional supplements? Yes (number of supplements:……)/No
How do you sleep at night? Sufficient/Not enough/Not at all
When do you go to bed? More than 2 hours after dinner/1-2 hours after dinner/Within an hour after dinner
What do you think of your body type? Fat/Thin/Standard
Do you think you lack exercise? Yes/No
Do you feel a decrease in muscle strength? Yes/No
Do you continue exercise of more than 30 minutes more than twice a week for more than a year? Yes/Yes, but for less than a year/No such exercise
Do you feel stress in daily living? Not at all/Sometimes/Yes, on a daily basis
Is there a lot of trouble? Not at all/Sometimes/Yes, on a daily basis
Do you smoke? Yes (….. tobaccos a day/for ….. years)/No/I used to, but I quit …...years ago
How many times do you drink alcohol? Every day/….times a week/….. times a month/
Rarely/I used to, but I quit