Fig. (2) (A) IFN-γ-producing capability of stimulated spleen cells treated with CM in the absence (-) or presence (+) of 10T1/2 cells. Cells were co-cultured in; UM (RPMI medium supplemented with 10% FBS) (paired lanes 1); UM mixed in a 1/1 ratio with CM (paired lanes 2); UM mixed with the CM containing 1 micro g/ml of IgG as a control (paired lanes 3); UM mixed with the CM containing anti IL-1α ab, anti CCL2 ab, anti CCL7 ab, anti IL-1f6 ab and anti IL-6 ab (paired lanes 4 to 8, respectively). (B) Ratios of IFN-γ-producing capability (%) in the presence (+) against that in the absence (-) of 10T1/2 cells. Lanes correspond to paired lanes in (Fig. 2A). *, # 0.01 > P.