Table 1: Materials Used in this Study

Brand Manufacturer Lot no. Code Chemical composition
Z100 3M Dental Products, St. Paul, MN, USA OHR Z100 Bis-GMA,UDMA, Bis-EMA, TEGDMA
everStick StickTech-GC, Turku, Finland eS E-glass-fibers impregnated with IPN of dimethacrylate and PMMA
3M Scotchbond Multipurpose Adhesive 3M Dental products, St. Paul, MN, USA 20011115 MP Bis-GMA, HEMA

PMMA = poly(methylmethacrylate)bisGMA = bisphenol A-glycidyl dimethacrylateTEGDMA = Triethylene glycol dimethacrylateUDMA = Urethane dimethacrylateBis-EMA = Bisphenol A polyethylene glycol diether dimethacrylateHEMA = HydroxyethylemethacrylateIPN = Interpenetrating polymer network