Table 1: Bone Turnover Markers and Calcaneal Speed of Sound (SOS)

Parameters Patient's Data Normal Range
Bone turnover markers BAP (IU/l) 24.9 13.0-33.9
OC (ng/ml) 3.4 3.1-12.7
NTX (nmolBCE/L) 10.6 9.5-17.7
DPD (nmol/mmol·CRE) 2.5 2.1-5.4
Calcaneal bone density (Speed of sound) 1493 m/sec %YAM 76%, %AGE 89%

BAP: bone-specific alkaline phosphatase, OC: osteocalcin, NTX: type I collagen cross-linked N-telopeptide, DPD: deoxypyridinoline.All bone turnover markers and calcaneal SOS were in normal ranges.