Fig. (3) Treatment of a BRONJ case in the mandible.a. Preoperative clinical situation. ONJ 3 has been diagnosed after 72 months of Alendronate treatment for osteoporosis. Tooth extraction was considered as the triggering event.b. Preoperative radiograph. Note the area of necrotic bone at the right second molar site in the mandible.c. Surgical section of the sequestrum with a vibrating tip of the ultrasonic surgery device.d. Surgical site before soft tissue closing. Note the large defect and the site of the extracted first molar.e. Healing at 1 month. The soft tissues are showing invagination.f. One-year control. Note the complete healing of the site.g. Radiograph at the 1-year control. Note the satisfactory radiologic aspect at the necrotized site.