Table 1.: Details of craniofacial assessment.

The profile view Convex / straight / concave Convex when a line dropped from the forehead to the base of the upper lip and a second line extending from that point downward to the soft-tissue pogonion formed an acute angle; straight when the angle was a nearly straight line and concave when the angle was obtuse
The Frontal view Short / normal / long lower face Short lower face when the lower third of the face was shorter than average; normal lower face when the lower third was almost equal to the average and long lower face when the lower third was longer than average. The mid-third of the face was used as a reference
The mandiular plane angle Flat / normal / steep Visualized by placing a mirror handle along the border of the mandible, classified as flat, normal or steep.
Intra-oral soft tissue    
Tonsil size Normal / hyprtrophic Normal or hypertrophic when the tonsils caused a greater than 50% obstruction, according to the Brodsky grade
Relative tongue size Normal / large Normal or large when imprints of the teeth were seen on the lateral margins of the tongue, which is relative tongue size in realtion to the dental arch, rather than a macroglossia
Intra-oral dentition    
Shape of upper arch Tapered / ovoid / square According to the MBT system
Shape of lower arch Tapered / ovoid / square According to the MBT system
Height of palatal vault High / Normal The palatal vault was classied as high (deep, constricted, V-shaped palatal arch) and normal (Shallow, U-shaped palatal arch)
Molar relationship Class I / Class II / Class II subdivison / Class III / Class III subdivision According to the Angle classification, in which the subdivision is the unilateral molar relationship of either Class II or Class III
Incisor relationship Class I / Class II subdivison 1 / Class II subdivison 2 / Class III According to the British standard incisor classification
Vertical occlusion Reduced overbite / normal / deepbite / reverse overbie A visual occlusion assessment
Amout of overjet   A linear measurement with a ruler